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Delta Tire is a family-owned and brother-run automotive business that has been proudly servicing the GTA since 1990. Delta Tire is the automotive pinnacle of our life that evolved from a simple childhood joy in helping clean carburetors in a village shop to providing full automotive services today. We are constantly transforming our services to meet the nuances and complexities of modern vehicles.

At Delta Tire, family ethics govern the way we practice business and our customer relations. We take a great sense of responsibility in offering honest service and advice. We are most humbled by the unwritten, generational testimonials that we have received over the last 30 years through referrals. Nothing makes us feel more grateful to provide an essential service to our community than having generations of diverse families trust us with all their automotive needs.


At Delta Tire, we take pride in creating lasting tire marks in your driving life—not the uneven kind.

The DeltaTire Family

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